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          Introduction Organization Structure Expert Committee Contact Us


          China Cost Engineering Association(abbreviated as CCEA) is a national, non-profit industrial association formed by construction cost consulting enterprises, registered cost engineers, project cost management organizations, and senior experts and scholars in the fields of building, construction, design, education and software, etc.

          The aim of CCEA is: Abide by national constitution, laws, regulations and policies, provide services to the government, the industry and our members; Adhere to the principle of fairness, protect the rights and interests of our members, provide suggestions and demands from cost engineering industry and our members to the government and its relevant departments; Regulate the practice of cost engineering industry, lead our members to obey professional standards, and promote industry integrity. In order to reasonably determine and effectively manage the cost of construction projects, improve investment efficiency, and guarantees the rapid and sustainable economic and social development.

          The business scope of CCEA:

          (1) Assisting relevant government departments in formulating rules and regulations and national standards for cost engineering and consulting industry.

          (2) Formulating industrial regulations like the code of work ethics in cost engineering and consulting industry, members' disciplinary measures etc.; issuing CECA standards for cost engineering and consulting industry; establishing the industry's self-discipline mechanism; carrying out credit evaluation, etc., promoting the establishment of the credit rating system in cost engineering and consulting industry, leading the industry into a route of sustainable development.

          (3) When required, collect data from cost engineering and consulting industry, establish industry information and supervision platform, conduct industry investigation and research, analyze development trends, and issue industry development reports.

          (4) Conducting member services like training, business communications, introduction of best practices, legal consultation and assistance, etc.

          (5) Issuing “Construction Cost Management” journal, publishing CPD books and literature, managing CCEA website, develop industry publicity, and providing cost engineering information for members.

          (6) Establish dispute settlement mechanism for cost engineering and consulting industry, make full use of the professional advantages of CCEA in dispute settlement process, actively resolve economic conflicts and social contradictions, and maintain an orderly operation in construction market.

          (7) Join in relevant international organizations, fulfill the duties and obligations as required, and carry out international communication and cooperation.

          (8) Undertake other matters authorized or entrusted by the government and its administrative departments, and carry out other business permitted by the purpose of CCEA.

          Any matter above that requires the permission by laws, regulations and rules shall be carried out after such permission was obtained.